Usana Mindset: Coaching and Walk and Talk in the Hills

Usana Mindset offers transformational life and mindset coaching for both personal and corporate clients, providing a safe environment to explore and unblock the path so that you can successfully move beyond whatever is holding you back in your life.

Founder Gillian Fowler is the lead coach at Usana Mindset, and offers coaching sessions via Teams / Skype, thus removing the boundary of geographical location. In-person session requirements can be discussed. Gillian is passionate about helping clients gain clarity, build confidence and leave the historical ‘baggage’ behind so you can live life fully.  

We have all faced varying degrees of challenges throughout our life, some leaving permanent mental and physical scars, and there will naturally be more highs and lows to come. Although you cannot change your past, you can change how you view this and the emotions associated, and you can also control the choices you make as to how you guide the present and future.

Set yourself free; open your mind to new possibilities then get ready to take action to make it happen!

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Walk & Talk in the Hills

Looking for a different kind of coaching experience? Usana Mindset also offers Walk & Talk in the Hills for groups and individuals, providing a unique blend of coaching, wellbeing and nature, as well as creating new memories, rosy cheeks and many smiles!  To find out more, visit: