Our Team and Our Story

Wow what a few months…….and breath. When restrictions started to lift a little last year we found ourselves in a bit more demand and decided we needed a bigger venue. We were already being well looked after by the Skene House group at Queens Gardens but they suggested we might want to look at The Atriums on Rosemount Viaduct. It is perfect, couldn’t have asked for anymore really.

At 82 Rosemount Viaduct, we have two fantastic rooms to deliver our training course, an office and free, yes FREE parking for our candidates, and all of this in a city centre location! We’ve rebranded and Atrium 1 & 2 are now in full swing and regularly being used. So much so, that not only did we move to a bigger venue, we then decided we need staff as well.

As well as myself and my wife Kelly, we now have Brian, an ex-Ambulance Technician in the USA delivering First Aid and Moving & Handling, Sandy who has been delivering training for many years in the first aid field, including 10 years with Survivex and has experience of the catering and the offshore industry.

We also have Kayleigh. Kayleigh is our welcoming face to everyone, she’s makes the trainers lives easy by having all our paperwork ready for us, sets up our rooms, certificates the candidates and has wrestled some of the social media away from myself. To be honest, I’m not sure how we managed without her to get ready each day

Cara is the bookings guru, the invoice queen and the one who tries hard to stop me buying things and not getting a receipt! Without Cara, we’d be lost, how we got this far without her, I’m not sure. She’s Kelly’s back up and between the two of them, they manage to keep me out of messing things up too much.

I suppose that just leaves Kelly and I, what do we do now. Kelly is the face of Forrest Training and is a trainer, the marketing machine, the one that everyone sees and is blown away by her enthusiasm and commitment to everything she does. Kelly embodies why we deliver training, because we love doing what we do and want everyone else to love it and gain new skills.

Then there’s me. Having started with just me, it’s quite different from 1 year ago, a man in a van coming to your business and delivering your course. I’ve had to adapt to people helping, but I need that as we are busier than ever. Kelly say’s I found the perfect job, where I could be the centre of attention every day, she’s right though and I love it. I hated sitting on boring training courses wishing the hours away till it was time to go home. My aim is to make training interesting, so that you learn, gain new skills and remember them when needed.

Between us, we are an awesome team. We complement each other’s skills, we make each other better and that’s a great achievement and a great platform to build from. We deliver and have a specialised side of the business for health and social care. On this side we deliver Client Moving and Handling, Epilepsy, Autism, Learning Disability Awareness, Person Centred Planning and Adult Support and Protection.

We also deliver First Aid fit for anyone. We’ve Emergency First Aid at Work, 2 day refresher, 3 day full First Aid at Work, Sports First Aid accredited by the SYFA, Outdoor First Aid and Paediatric awards. Mental health effects everyone and at Forrest Training we’re no different. It’s affected all of us at some point and these personal experiences help us bring our accredited Mental Health First Aid courses to life.

We are keen, flexible, adaptable, if you need it, we’ll sort it. Professional Boundaries, Recruitment Training, Corporate Inductions. I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you and that’s what we say. Our strapline is Never Dull, Never Boring and Never Forgotten, that came from a feedback form in one of our training courses.

So in the last 4 months, we now have a new venue, a new website (almost) and team who are amazing at what they do and I’m very proud of everyone.

If you’d like to know more or have a chat with one of us. Have a look at www.forresttraining.co.uk browse our training calendar, I haven’t even mentioned the 50 e-learning courses that is available on our website.(New Website next Month) Call us on 01224 659297, any of the team would be delighted to chat with you, and you never know, we might be able to help you out.

Kevin Forrest